Freeosk at Walmart FAQ

Hi! Welcome to the Freeosk FAQ for Walmart shoppers! We’re thrilled to be popping up in Walmart stores across the nation and we look forward to making new friends and fans. We hope this FAQ helps answer any questions you may have.


What is Freeosk?

Freeosk is a fast, fun free way to try new things! You can scan to get a sample from the Freeosk each and every week, while supplies last.

How do I find out which Walmart locations have a Freeosk?

Use our handy Find a Freeosk tool (on our website as well as on the Freeosk App) to find the nearest Walmart kiosk to you. You can also use it to see what items are sampling that week. We’re setting up new Freeosk kiosks all the time, so check our Find a Freeosk tool often to see if a new one has popped up near you!

How do I get free stuff from the Freeosk at Walmart?

There are a couple of ways– here’s what to do!

  1. You can use the Walmart App. Open the code scanner on the Walmart App and scan the QR code on the Freeosk screen. Then place your phone in the scan zone below the Freeosk screen. Ding!
  2. Or you can use the Freeosk App. Simply open the app and scan the code at the Freeosk to get your sample. The Freeosk App helps you locate Freeosks nationwide, tells you what’s sampling at a Freeosk near you, shows your sample history and gives you exclusive offers and other fun surprises!

How do I get the Freeosk App?

Search for “Freeosk” in the App Store or Google Play. Or visit

new-mobile-appstore new-mobile-googleplay

I’ve seen the Freeosk at a different store! Can I use my membership/loyalty card from another retailer to get free samples at Walmart?

Sorry, but if you’re at Walmart, you can only get a free sample by using the Freeosk App or the Walmart App. The Freeosk will not recognize loyalty cards from other retailers.

I used to be able to text to get a free sample from the Freeosk at Walmart…

Sorry, we’re no longer able to dispense samples via text. But we encourage you to use the Freeosk app or Walmart app instead!

How did you get my email?

You (or perhaps someone you know) entered your email address at a Freeosk, or registered your email address with the Freeosk app.

How do I unsubscribe from Freeosk emails?

Please email with the subject “unsubscribe me”.

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