MPMF artist profile: Molly Sullivan of PRIM


Performing Saturday, 9/26 @ 6:15pm at Lightborne Lot

Fans can download the PRIM single “Older” for free by visiting the Freeosk at the Woodward Theater on Saturday.

The seeds for Electronic-tinged Dream Pop quartet Prim were planted in 2013 when accomplished Cincinnati musicians Ian Gullett (who also does production work) and Molly Sullivan discovered they’d both been asked to contribute original music to a local dance troupe project. Recognizing similar musical sensibilities, the pair began writing together, adding drummer Jake Langknecht and bassist Alessandro Corona to flesh out Prim’s ranks. The band began growing a local following with shows and the release of a handful of hauntingly captivating songs online, helping Prim earn a Best New Artist nomination at the 2014 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards. The group doesn’t play locally much anymore, with the members busy with other projects (Sullivan’s solo career continues to draw more and more attention), so consider its MidPoint appearance a rare, can’t-miss treat.

FREEOSK: The very excellent PRIM single “Older” will be the free Freeosk song download at the Woodward Theater on Saturday. What’s the story behind “Older?”

Molly Sullivan: “Older” began as a little morsel of a song I was writing back in April of 2013 under the moniker, “PRIM”. When Ian and I first joined forces as a band, we took the stem and produced the full version, which Freeosk is offering as our free download! The song was inspired by seeing a few faces I hadn’t seen since high school, and they seemed to be stuck in the same space they were when we last met.

F: What sets MPMF apart from other festivals?

MS: A number of things- one of my favorites being that it is incredibly easy to bike around from venue to venue. Especially now with the Red Bike stations around the city, it’s going to provide a lot of people with a different perspective of Cincinnati and a good look at how awesome bike commuting can be!

F: Freeosk is all about helping people discover their new favorites through sampling, and a lot of those samples are snack foods. What is your favorite tour snack?

MS: I try to avoid riding the garbage train (i.e. eating fast food on a regular basis) so I try to always have a stash of goodies on deck. When I have the opportunity to, I love grabbing some Castelvetrano olives, cheese (bleu, fresh mozzarella, or string!), and maybe a nice chunk of bread or water crackers. For things that have to last on the road, you can usually bet on Salt and Vinegar chips, rice cakes, apples, and nuts. And I’m a nut for hot sauce. Like- it isn’t unusual to find a bottle on my bedside table. I’ll usually bring along some Frank’s, Texas Pete’s, or Louisiana Hot Sauce.

F: Describe the live PRIM show experience.

MS: Over the past year, PRIM has been working to provide the audience a grittier, less synth-y supported live show. Guitar and drums have assumed parts previously provided by programmed beats and sounds. I think having more movement on stage allows for a little more of a show.

F: And do you have any rituals or habits you perform before your show?

MS: The only ritual I can speak of is the brief moment of panic that seems to happen every time before I play in thinking I’ve forgotten some crucial bit of gear.

F: Is there anything you’d like to add about the MidPoint Music Festival?

MS: I have been continually impressed by the curation of Midpoint- the thoughtful pairing of local and out-of-town acts- I think it’s really cool to have local artists open for bigger acts that we might not, under normal circumstances, have the opportunity to do so.

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