MPMF artist profile: Lucas Frazier of Pop Goes The Evil


Performing Friday, 9/25@12:15am at Taft Ballroom

Fans can download Pop Goes The Evil’s single “The Milky Shake” for free by visiting the Freeosk at the Taft Ballroom on Friday.

When The Dukes are Dead dissolved in 2012, singer/guitarist Lucas Frazier wasted no time constructing a new Rock & Roll machine. Christening it Pop Goes the Evil, Frazier, bassist Evan Roberts and drummer Jake Grove have been concocting dynamic and melodic Rock over the past three years, taking their awesome live show on the road, getting nominated for Cincinnati Entertainment Awards at home and releasing two albums (2013’s White Cream Soda and last year’s Love Stained Heart) to the world. PGTE’s music explodes with sex, darkness, humor and swagger, emitting a vibe that is sometimes theatrical like Rocky Horror, sometimes smoldering like a noir flick and sometimes blissfully confounding like a perfect David Lynch scene.

This is Pop Goes The Evil’s 2nd MPMF appearance.

FREEOSK: Thanks for chatting with us before your appearance at MPMF! You’ve played this festival before, right?

Lucas Frazier: Some of us have played MPMF before with other bands, but this is Pop Goes The Evil’s second time.

F: You’ve toured around a bit and played other big music fests. How is MidPoint different?

LF: The main difference is, with being in our hometown, that MPMF feels more like a giant 3-day party to us. Around every corner is another familiar face, and everyone seems to just be in the best mood for 3 days straight.

F: “The Milky Shake” will be free for fans to download from the Freeosk at Taft Ballroom on Friday night. Can you share a couple facts about this song?

LF: “The Milky Shake” was the first song written for the album Love Stained Heart. It sort of set the tone of how the rest of the album was going to end up sounding. Also, it’s not about milk shakes.

F: The Freeosk will be giving away free Pop Goes The Evil buttons, which we’re really excited about. Will you be selling any PGTE stuff at your show?

LF: Oh, yes. We have vinyl records, CDs, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, posters, and maybe even something new…

F: Do you have any special rituals or habits you practice before you go on stage?

LF: Water. Beer. Water. Liquor. Water. Stretching. Water. Vocal warmup. Water. Cigarette. Water. Water. Water. Cigarette.

F: Is there anything else you want to tell us about MidPoint?

LF: We’re honored to be asked to play two years in a row. We’re gonna get drunk and tell you just how much we love you.

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