MPMF artist profile: Culture Queer


Performing Saturday, 9/26 @ 7:30m at Lightborne Lot

Fans can download the Culture Queer single “U Bummin’ Mr. Drummond” for free by visiting the Freeosk at MOTR Pub on Saturday.

Culture Queer is an international ElectroPop quartet that blends sweet and melodic guy/girl harmonies and weirdo soundscapes. Combining pop melodies & video mixing, they are experimental but always melodic. These Cincinnati natives embrace their Midwest roots but also transcend it with a sound that is completely unique and without pretense. After the show, they will talk to you about love, death and how you are feeling.

Their album Supersizeit under Pontius Pilate was declared album of the year by Citybeat Magazine.
Their album Nightmare Band was nominated for Album of the Year 2012. They are currently recording and releasing their new album Bloodbath and Beyond in 2015.

FREEOSK: MidPoint music fans can snag a free download of your single “U Bummin’ Mr. Drummond” at the MOTR Pub on Saturday. Can you offer one or two fun facts about this song?

CULTURE QUEER: We made the video for roughly the price of 6 Burger King happy meals for the talent of our buddy Tim Willig. The title has nothing to do with Different Strokes.

F: What can concertgoers expect from a live Culture Queer performance?

CQ: We try to introduce some kind of new spectacle at every show. The unexpected. The awkward, the melodic, a girl drummer, and a visual backdrop that you don’t see with Shoegazer rock. This year we have a couple things that will make people exclaim WTF!

F: What kind of audiences do you play in your hometown of Cincinnati?

CQ: Cincinnati audiences are supportive but discerning. Cerebral too. They are reserved though. My wish is that everyone would just let loose and be free, even just for this festival (including myself). Can you imagine if we all have the internal permission (aka courage) just to let your freak flag fly. Therapy bills would go way down and I’m sure there would be babies made over this weekend.

F: What did you guys grow up listening to? Is it very different from the Culture Queer sound?

CQ: We obviously have a variety of influences….but the reality is that we take our cue from the oddballs. As a group, Os Mutante broke down some barriers for us as well as the wonderful awfulness of bands like Styx, John Davidson, Gary Glitter, and Slade. We’ve most recently bonded on the beauty of SPARKS, which is the best band in the world! And someone we aspire to.

F: So, what is your favorite snack when you’re out on the road touring?

CQ: Big jugs of blue juice and Andy Capps. ONLY. No, i kid. We like to sample local cuisine of each city as long as it doesn’t have chicken bits in it (we are vegetarian).

F: Are there any bands you guys discovered at MidPoint that count among your favorites now?

CQ: One of my favorite shows was this band Zeus from Toronto. They literally were the last act to play on the last night. Also, Midpoint cemented our love for Deerhoof. They are an amazing band and super nice people. Dirty Projectors were mind blowing at the Emery Theatre. Actually everything that year was pretty great at the Emery. What a beautiful venue. Pokey LaFarge for Scott.

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